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18892 FM 2854 Road
Montgomery, TX, 77316


Hand Crafted one-of-a-kind knives and Jewelry made in Texas

About Us

About US

Ron McCracken has been an avid outdoorsman all of his life. Originally from Mississippi where he grew up farming, hunting and fishing, Ron learned the value of hard work as well as the value of keeping and maintaining great working tools.

While he has tried his hand in various arenas from commercial construction, to business owner and inventor with several patents, Ron’s true passion is helping people to be successful in their chosen path.

After retiring from his business, Ron decided to help his youngest granddaughter (Grace) learn the difference between earning money and making money.  You can earn money by working for someone else and getting paid for it. But when you make money, you use your own time and energy and a bit of creativity once, and get paid over and over and over again.

One of Ron’s hobbies is knife-making. With a forge and his grandfather’s old anvil, Ron found he had a talent for making knives. When Grace was 9 years old, he taught her leather working.  She makes leather bracelets and helps him make knife sheaths.

When asked what she wanted to be, Grace said she wanted to be a vet. He asked how she was going to pay for her education, she simply said “mom and dad”.  That was the wrong answer. He told her that she would be more serious about her education if she was paying for it.  So she suggested they form PNG Products where they could sell the items they made.  She said PNG would stand for “Poppy, Nana & Grace”.  The business was launched. 

Ron found other knife makers and expanded his line of knives and knife products. Grace also expanded her line to include western jewelry and horsehair products. People have found Ron and Grace’s story very interesting and enjoy meeting them.

Most of our business comes from word of mouth. Our loyal customers have returned to purchase quality knives at a fair price as well as refer their friends and family to PNG. When you visit Ron in Fredericksburg or Canton or at any of the knife shows, you’ll find that he is very knowledgeable about knives, knife making and maintaining the quality of knives. And if you’re a kid, you may also walk away with your first knife, compliments of PNG.