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18892 FM 2854 Road
Montgomery, TX, 77316


Hand Crafted one-of-a-kind knives and Jewelry made in Texas

Grandmothers – Ciara Bracelet/Necklace Combo


Hand Crafted one-of-a-kind Jewelry made in Texas

Grandmothers – Ciara Bracelet/Necklace Combo

Laura McCracken - Grandmothers 01-BN215B.jpg
Laura McCracken - Grandmothers 01-BN215B.jpg

Grandmothers – Ciara Bracelet/Necklace Combo


We love the versatility of this necklace/bracelet combo: It’s a 7 inch charm bracelet which, when worn with our extender chain, becomes an 18 inch necklace. The charms (l to r) are: ring of jet crystals; 1930s Czech gold luster glass button; Swarovski jet crystal in a brass rose; 1950s vintage German jet glass button; 1930s vintage jet glass button; ring of jet crystals; Victorian jet glass but with incised gold decoration, circa 1890. All pieces will be as pictured, except for the far right antique button, which will vary slightly in design.

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