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18892 FM 2854 Road
Montgomery, TX, 77316


Hand Crafted one-of-a-kind knives and Jewelry made in Texas

Grandmothers - Bohemian Dragonfly Ring


Hand Crafted one-of-a-kind Jewelry made in Texas

Grandmothers - Bohemian Dragonfly Ring

Laura McCracken - Grandmothers 02-R185B.jpg
Laura McCracken - Grandmothers 02-R185B.jpg

Grandmothers - Bohemian Dragonfly Ring


Another of our glass buttons made today in the Czech Republic, in this case a beautiful green and gold dragonfly. Each of these buttons is hand-pressed in vintage iron molds in the town of Jablonec, where the first pressed glass buttons were created in 1732. Though made today, these buttons represent a centuries old button making tradition, and are things of beauty in their own right. We have set it here on a burnished brass filigree ring, which will adjust to your size.

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